2016 TraceParts 年度比赛结果公布

TraceParts 邀请其工程社区参加神秘单词比赛

第 10 届 TraceParts 年终竞赛在 Facebook 上推出

TraceParts 热推猜谜大赛,向设计和工程界发起挑战。

New product catalog available from Thomas Regout

Get online technical data and CAD models of Thomas Regout products directly from the TraceParts CAD platform

RS Components 3D CAD programme reaches more than 75,000 models

3D CAD model repository now includes RS Pro products as well as a significant increase in parts for automation applications

TraceParts celebrates its prosperous eight-year partnership with the MAURIN Group

A significant competitive advantage for one of the leading suppliers of industrial parts.

TraceParts increases the amount of 3D data available to design engineers in partnership with EPTDA

The members of EPTDA (European Power Transmission Distributors Association) will be meeting in Berlin from 21 to 23 September to discuss the latest technical and sales opportunities available to the mechanical power transmission industry.

Kubotek announces a partnership with TraceParts for the release of KeyCreator 2016

The CAD content on the TraceParts platform is now available to Kubotek customers via KeyCreator 2016, the latest software release from Kubotek

庆祝 TraceParts 平台成立 15 周年摄影大赛结果出炉

为庆祝其平台迎来 15 周年庆,TraceParts 邀请广大用户参与摄影大赛

TraceParts 在线 CAD 平台喜迎 15 周年庆

TraceParts 即将举办一场摄影比赛,以庆祝其在线 CAD 平台问世 15 周年。

3D 几何相似性搜索落户 TraceParts CAD 平台

TraceParts CAD 模型库依靠最新的 3DPartFinder™ 几何相似性搜索引擎以显著改善零件搜索性能

TraceParts CAD 社区注册用户数达 250 万

2016 年,在 TraceParts 在线 CAD 平台注册的设计专业人员数量大幅增长

The TraceParts CAD platform now integrated with SimScale’s browser-based simulation tool

SimScale, the full-cloud engineering simulation platform, links up with TraceParts to provide its users with access to 100+ million 3D CAD models of supplier certified components

TraceParts 发布轴承市场专业人员年度设计活动报告

针对 TraceParts 平台下载的超过 100 万个轴承 CAD 模型,该报告提供了这些模型如何在设计应用中得到使用的详细信息。该报告免费提供。

CAD 文件在线发布数量在过去一年创下新高

2015 年有数百家工业零部件供应商向 TraceParts 平台上传了他们的 CAD 文件和技术数据

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SPINEA 携手 TraceParts 推广其产品组合

SPINEA 在线发布其高精度减速齿轮、执行器和旋转模块的 CAD 图纸

Berthold Marx 在 TraceParts 平台上发布 CAD 模型

提高其气弹簧 2D 和 3D 模型的可及性

TraceParts 1.5 Million Opt-In User Database is GDPR Compliant

A safer digital marketing solution than ever for all advertisers who want to reach Engineers and Designers for their email and banner campaigns.

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