This page contains updates for latest TraceParts releases (except parts catalogs).

For any update related to the version TraceParts DVD 2013 (2.6.3), please contact our hotline:


Updates of TraceParts DVD 2013 (2.6.3) CAD drivers


download CATIA
Date: 17/06/13
Size: 20,4 Mb
CATIA driver for versions R16 to R21 (32 bit) and R18 to R21 (64 bits).

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Updates of TraceParts DVD 2012 (2.6.2 SP2) CAD drivers


download CATIA
Date: 09/07/12
Size: 19,10 Mb
CATIA driver for versions R16 to R21 (32 bit) and R18 to R21(64 bits).
download TopSolid
Date: 24/02/12
Size: 9,40 Mb
TopSolid driver for version 2011 (32 and 64 bits)


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  Updates of TraceParts DVD 2011 (2.6.2) CAD drivers


download AutoCAD 2011
Date: 07/02/11
Size: 19,40 Mb
AutoCAD driver for versions 2004 to 2011 (32 bits) and versions 2008 to 2011(64 bit).

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Updates of previous TraceParts release

Releases prior to TraceParts DVD 2.5.9 are no longer available from this download center.

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Updates for TraceParts DVD v2.6.1…


download Pro/Engineer
Date: 07/04/10
Size: 24,40 Mb
Pro/Engineer Wildfire driver for versions 1.0 (32 bits) to 5.0 (32 and 64 bits).This driver also fixes an installation issue that occurs when several versions of Pro/Engineer are installed at the same time on the PC.
download Geomagic Design Xpress
Date: 16/11/09
Size: 41,30 Mb
Geomagic Design Xpress driver for versions 9 to 12.1

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Protection upgrade for TraceParts (not required for TraceParts v2.3.5 SP3 and higher)


Only black EUTRON USB keys users have to install this upgrade (this upgrade is not required for other protection keys) to be able to use their Black EUTRON USB key.
This upgrade is not required for TraceParts v2.3.5 SP3 and higher.
Protection upgrade for TraceParts
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